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Rochelle Bunnett with Mr. Rogers

Rochelle Bunnett with Mr. Rogers


Meeting Fred Rogers.  I met Fred Rogers (my mentor) at a NAEYC conference. I was so excited and honored to share with him my first book,  Friends in the Park, which he later read on his show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. 

Thank you  Mister Rogers, for always putting children first.



Welcome to Our Kids Press

I’m Rochelle Bunnett

My Story


I always dreamed about writing a children’s book. That dream became a reality when  I started working with young children with and without disabilities.


Because, I rarely saw my students represented in any children’s books or posters. I also wanted to share with the rest of the world what my kids were teaching me everyday: focus on abilities rather than limitations, similarities rather than differences, and amazing things can happen.

The research confirmed my findings. Less than 2% of children with disabilities are depicted in printed materials. (Blaska)


What better way to capture the true meaning and importance of inclusion, than through photographs? Showing young children of all abilities and backgrounds learning from one another everyday in everyday environments, now that’s inclusion at it’s best.


Our Kids Press was started in 1997, because 2% is not good enough.







About Rochelle Bunnett, M.Ed

Teacher, consultant and toyologist.

I grew up in southern California, spending most of my time playing outdoors. I always knew I wanted to work with young children, so after graduating from college, I begin my career working as a Head Start teacher. Lucky me. I have never looked back.  When I am not working in my office, you can find me traveling in my  (vintage trailer) collecting stories and taking photographs.

I see myself as “storyteller’  doing my best to convey, how we are all more alike than different. 



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